Have you ever asked yourself…

“How did I end up at this place in my life?”
“How will I get through this…?”

The Scheidegger Approach™ 21 Day Program is Speaking to YOU!

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Dynamic Scheidegger Approach

– 21 Day Program –

When you’ve tried everything, and everything you’ve tried has not helped. What do you do? Dynamic Swiss Hypnotherapy is a holistic approach to healing and thriving. Barbara integrated tools such as NLP, Reiki, and Clinical Hypnotherapy to heal and make whole!

Scheidegger Approach™ Tools

  • NLP Therapy

  • Results Orientated

  • Guided Imagery Therapy

  • Reiki Therapy

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What will happen when you dedicate
21 days to yourself? 

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

-Nelson Mandela

What are the RESULTS of the Scheidegger Approach™ 21 Day Program?

**Change of habits

**Mental clarity and new thought patterns

**Becoming the person you ACTUALLY want to be

**Gaining back your health – internally and externally

**The motivation to achieve what you may have thought to be unachievable

and much much more… hear what clients just like you have to say here

Why Four Sessions Are Important

Statistics shows that it takes 21 Days to Change a Habit Pattern.

Clients learn to deal with new challenges in the most positive way.

  • Daily Repetition. reinforces the conscious mind to this positively.

  • Critical Mind through hypnosis therapy is bypassed to access the unconscious mind and becomes the newly transformed positive mindset.Automatic Response.

  • The unconscious mind automatically responds positively once the positive changes has been made during the 21 days.

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Ways that Yes Minded Power and the Scheidegger Approach can change your life. Some of the recent perspectives directly from Barbara Scheidegger.

Client’s positive response to doing “homework”‘ Effectiveness of Scheidegger Approach