Project Description

Swiss Hypnotherapy™

– 21 Day Program –

When you’ve tried everything, and everything you’ve tried has not helped. What do you do? Barbara Scheidegger’s Swiss Hypnotherapy can help!

Scheidegger Approach Tools

  • NLP Therapy-
  • Results Orientated

  • Guided Imagery Therapy
  • Reiki Therapy

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Why  Three Sessions Are Important

– 21 Day Program –

Statistics shows that it takes 21 Days to Change a Habit Pattern.

Clients learn to deal with new challenges in the most positive way.

  • Daily Repetition. reinforces the conscious mind to this positively.
  • Critical Mind through hypnosis therapy is bypassed to access the unconscious mind and becomes the newly transformed positive mindset.
  • Automatic Response. The unconscious mind automatically responds positively once the positive changes has been made during the 21 days.
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We Put You First

Client’s positive response to doing “homework”‘ Effectiveness of the Scheidegger Approach


Ways that Let it Go Hypnosis and The Scheidegger Approach can change your life. Some of the recent perspectives directly from Barbara Scheidegger.

“My sessions with Let It Go Hypnosis were very empowering. They gave me a fresh outlook on my life and a new determination. I now have an acceptance and appreciation for many aspects of myself, and for all the efforts towards self improvement that I do. Barbara’s voice was so soothing, it took me deep within and I awoke refreshed and invigorated and with a new perspective on my life. I am very appreciative to have found her and to have worked with her.”

Jean St. James

What Clients Are Saying

“I have suffered from a neurological disorder about 20 years ago. The whole situation left me withdepression and anxiety. Since then I have dealt with life on my own.Once I met Barbara and with her expertise I have learned to deal with others around me and express my true feelings. She has taught me to take situations bit by bit and come up with a logical response instead of lashing out. Barbara’s professional conversations have truly helped me become more of the person I’ve wanted to be.” -Veronica Morales