21 Day Program Scheidegger Approach

21 Day Program Scheidegger Approach



The Scheidegger Approach to Hypnotherapy

– 21 Day Program –

When you’ve tried everything, and everything you’ve tried has not helped. What do you do?

The Scheidegger Approach can help!

These are the tools we use with our Hypnotherapy process to access the unconscious mind in helping our clients achieve their goals.

Scheidegger Approach Tools

  • NLP Therapy
  • Guided Imagery Therapy
  • Reiki Therapy
  • Client’s positive response to doing “homework”‘ Effectiveness of the Scheidegger Approach
  • Establishing what the client truly wants. Understanding how the client takes in and processes information, informs me as to which tools to use. (Discuss how each session is personalized based on the client’s wants and needs.)
  • Then the client is put in a relaxed and safe state of hypnosis.
  • Mind and body becomes one and with the client’s permission positive changes can be made.
  • Most problems can be solved in just 21 days using three face·to·face sessions.

Why Three Sessions Are Important

Statistics shows that it takes 21 Days to Change a Habit Pattern.

  • Daily Repetition. reinforces the conscious mind to this positively.
  • Critical Mind through hypnosis therapy is bypassed to access the unconscious mind and becomes the newly transformed positive mindset.
  • Automatic Response. The unconscious mind automatically responds positively once the positive changes has been made during the 21 days

Clients learn to deal with new challenges in the most positive way.

 ​No Perfection Just Excellence.


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