Clients Rave About Swiss Hypnotherapy™

“Hypnotherapy with Barbara is amazing! I never considered hypnotherapy before. But after reading about the power of positive thinking and how it can change your life, I decided to give it a try. I went to see Barbara Scheidegger at Let It Go Hypnosis, and had three very remarkable sessions.
When I went to the first session I was surprised that I was even able to be hypnotized. I left feeling great and was given homework. My purpose for going was to just be a better person, to learn how to help myself and be more successful.
Barbara was able to tap into my needs and desires, without ever feeling like I was in a therapy session. Her ability to listen and her positive communication left me feeling super positive with inner strength.
I am grateful for my three sessions with Barbara, for her guidance during a time of negativity and stress. I learned how to turn the negative into positive, and improve my financial success, Wow! . Thank you so much!”
~ Ginger Gold

“My sessions with Let It Go Hypnosis were very empowering. They gave me a fresh outlook on my life and a new determination. I now have an acceptance and appreciation for many aspects of myself, and for all the efforts towards self -improvement that I do. Barbara’s voice was so soothing, it took me deep within and I awoke refreshed and invigorated and with a new perspective on my life. I am very appreciative to have found her and to have worked with her.”
~ Jean St. James

“I was coping with high levels of stress and anxiety at the time when I had my first hypnotherapy session with Barbara. I was blown away by the results right after our first meeting: coming out of the session I felt balanced, calm, and relaxed. Not only that, but I also
got equipped with practical techniques that I could use to prolong these effects until our next session. What is great about Barbara’s sessions is that they are incredibly beneficial while being completely effortless. Her talent for listening, understanding your issues, and asking the right questions makes her an excellent therapist who you will look forward to keep going back to.”
~ David H

“I have suffered from a neurological disorder about 20 years ago. The whole situation left me with depression and anxiety. Since then I have dealt with life on my own.Once I met Barbara and with her expertise I have learned to deal with others around me and express my true feelings. She has taught me to take situations bit by bit and come up with a logical response instead of lashing out. Barbara’s professional conversations have truly helped me become more of the person I’ve wanted to be.”
~ Veronica Morales

“I want to thank you again for the amazing session on Tuesday and what a difference it made in my day. My audition went so well. Even yesterday when I was hit with depression from not working, I handled it very well and chanted very strong for about an hour — which altered everything. “
~ Actor

As many experience it punctually, for several years I suffered from a chronic way of panic attacks that began several years ago.
After exploring, I took the advice of several medical authorities, and evaluate several options to remove these crises that was wasting my life the solution that is needed is to me was a long treatment if not life through expensive psychotherapy and tedious.
Recently still looking for a cure To my problems, I was reading a literature on hypnotherapy, a practice that has existed for several centuries and is today the subject of an exact science And a regulated education whose therapeutic success depends mainlythe quality of the Hypnotherapist.
It is at this moment that interested in this alternative, I met Barbara Scheinder whose professionalism and the rigor my comforted enough so that I leave it to its expertise and to begin the treatment.
The results have been as promised through the few successive sessions that have allowed me to gradually control his attacks and learn personally the exercise with which I can control the crisis before it develops.
In short I am grateful to Hypnotherapy and especially to Barbara Scheinder The Hypnotherapist who in a few sessions spared me the painful and expensive journey of traditional psychotherapy, which is generally applied in this cognitive condition difficult to manage.
I have shared since my experience of Barbara’s hypnotherapy and treatment with some of my relationships for which Barbara Scheider
will be the targeted response to their specific problems.
~ Celia

“Barbara Scheidegger-Simonian has been a wonderful hypnotherapist to me. She is extremely kind, very professional, patient and a great listener. She has taught me to calm down outside of our sessions for which I am very grateful.”
~ DB

“I’ve had an incredible experience with Barbara so far, since the very first session I felt complete anxiety free for the whole week, it was amazing because I never even knew I had an anxiety problem until after losing it completely and so spontaneously. During the other
sessions, I managed to deal with many other worries and came out of the sessions a calmer, more controlled person, who reflects peacefully and freely, without paying too much attention to external negativity. I have Barbara to thank for this. I will continue to attend hypnotherapy sessions with Barbara and continue to recommend her!”
~ Sam S.

“I was fortunate enough to find Barbara Scheidegger to treat an ongoing problem of waking up too often in the night. In a situation all too common with many men as they age, I found myself awake as often as five times in a night, with only a slight urge to relieve pressure. In my case it was not a real medical problem – more simply a reflection of habit made more annoying by the aging process.
In her calm and assured manner, Ms Scheidegger brought me to a safe, comfortable hypnotic state and used clear and compelling imagery to give me the tools to manage this inconvenient behavior.
The results were rapid – only three sessions – and they have been long-lasting. Now I typically wake once or perhaps twice during the night and I have been more aware and alert during the day. On a more serious note, I am impressed by Ms Scheidegger’s knowledge, manner and dedication. She is calm and capable, leading to positive results and a better future. Barbara has my strong recommendation.”
~ Alan G

When I first met Barbara, I became enthused as to what hypnotherapy could do to help me realize my full potential. Through her patient listening and guided expertise, she helped me see what behavioral patterns were inhibiting me from moving forward and fulfilling the goals I had set forth. After undergoing three sessions with “Let it Go Hypnosis”, Barbara helped me pinpoint directly the avenues of resistance from past experience and helped re-direct those avenues to positive changes. It has had a tremendous effect on my life.
I highly encourage everyone to try Let it Go Hypnosis for the benefits it provides in all areas of your life including the personal and business aspects. You will realize the best possible potential simply by learning how to “let go” of ineffective habits.
Onward and upward!
~ Noreen Aguero Diaz

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