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About Barbara

Harness the Power of Living The Ageless Lifestyle.

Barbara Scheidegger Spokesmodel Ybor Tampa Vibrant Life Model

Barbara Scheidegger’s calling is to teach people in all walks of life to live ageless. Barbara is open to working with private clients, celebrities, groups, and businesses.

Barbara is passionate about helping others live a more vibrant, youthful, effective, prosperous, and happy life with the highest standards of ethics, expertise and compassion.

Barbara Scheidegger Spokesmodel Ybor Tampa

Barbara is well-versed in helping those of any age, gender and lifestyle to make positive changes in their lives.

Barbara is available to work with private clients, the medical community, women’s groups, psychologists, corporations, celebrities, – effectively serving all who are in need in achieving their life goals.

Barbara is fluent in five languages including English, French, German, Armenian, Swiss-German, making her the perfect candidate to speak to international groups.

Her international perspective gives her the ability to effectively communicate with people from all walks of life.

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