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30 Day Challenge

The Science of The 30 Day Challenge

A habit is a learned automatic response. Forming a new healthy habit requires multiples steps- the first being to MAKE A CHANGE.

A 30 Day Challenge can help you to decide to change, initiate your new behavior, and repeat your new action often enough to yield results.

Join Barbara in her 30 Day Challenges for success. Watch the videos below and change your life.

30 Day Challenge Guide to Self Love

Join Barbara in this 30 Day Challenge to find self love.

30 Day Challenge Guide to Exercise

Barbara’s exercise guide will help you to reach and improve your fitness goals in 30 days.

30 Day Challenge to a Positive Morning

Barbara’s Positive Start Challenge will guide you into jump starting your day on a positive note.

30 Day Challenge to a Positive Night

Barbara’s Positive Night Challenge helps you to end each day with comfort and positivity.

30 Day Challenge to Celebrate Your Life

Barbara’s 30 Day Challenge guides you to celebrating your life on a daily basis. Learn to love every day in these next 30 days.

30 Day Challenge to Finding Balance

Barbara’s 30 Day Challenge is to balance your mind and body. Find that you can do anything you set your mind to and empower your every day life.


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