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Barbara is a fitness QUEEN. She has learned how to exercise to get the body she’s always wanted, the body she’s happy with. Barbara can inspire you how to start exercising and how to teach you to keep it going. Learn more about your fitness journey with Barbara’s videos down below.

Paying Attention to Our Bodies at Any Age

Barbara discusses why paying attention to our bodies (at any age) is important. Barbara also explains why adaptation is a huge secret for living agelessly.

Fast Exercises are Dangerous for Your Body

Barbara explains how exercising too quickly can hurt your body. She explains why it’s important to be mindful and present during exercising.

Why I Began to Practice Yoga and How It Changed My Life

Barbara tells the story of why she started the practice of mindful yoga and how it changed her life. Yoga gave Barbara her dream body and it can help you, too!

Why I Climb 16 Flights of Stairs Every Day

Barbara tells us why she climbs 16 flights of stairs EVERY DAY while in her 60’s. Not only can you work yourself up to doing the same, but you’ll love it as much as she does.

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