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“I’ve had an incredible experience with Barbara. Since the very first session I felt complete anxiety free. During the other sessions, I managed to deal with many other worries and came out of the sessions a calmer, more controlled person, who reflects peacefully and freely, without paying too much attention to external negativity. I have Barbara to thank for this. I will continue to attend hypnotherapy sessions with Barbara and continue to recommend her!”

~ Sam S.

“Hypnotherapy with Barbara is amazing! I never considered hypnotherapy before. But after reading about the power of positive thinking and how it can change your life, I decided to give it a try. I went to see Barbara Scheidegger and had very remarkable sessions.

Barbara was able to tap into my needs and desires, without ever feeling like I was in a therapy session. Her ability to listen and her positive communication left me feeling super positive with inner strength.
I am grateful for my sessions with Barbara, and for her guidance during a time of negativity and stress. I learned how to turn the negative into positive, and improve my financial success, Wow!

Thank you so much!”
~ Ginger G.

“My sessions with Barbara were very empowering. They gave me a fresh outlook on my life and a new determination. I now have an acceptance and appreciation for many aspects of myself, and for all the efforts towards self -improvement that I do. Barbara’s voice was so soothing, it took me deep within and I awoke refreshed and invigorated and with a new perspective on my life. I am very appreciative to have found her and to have worked with her.”

~ Jean St. James

“I was coping with high levels of stress and anxiety at the time when I had my first hypnotherapy session with Barbara. I was blown away by the results right after our first meeting: coming out of the session I felt balanced, calm, and relaxed.

What is great about Barbara’s sessions is that they are incredibly beneficial while being completely effortless. Her talent for listening, understanding your issues, and asking the right questions makes her an excellent therapist who you will look forward to keep going back to.”
~ David H.

“When I first met Barbara, I became enthused as to what hypnotherapy could do to help me realize my full potential. Through her patient listening and guided expertise, she helped me see what behavioral patterns were inhibiting me from moving forward and fulfilling the goals I had set forth.

Barbara helped me pinpoint directly the avenues of resistance from past experience and helped re-direct those avenues to positive changes. It has had a tremendous effect on my life.

I highly encourage everyone to try Hypnotherapy with Barbara Scheidegger for the benefits it provides in all areas of your life including the personal and business aspects. You will realize the best possible potential simply by learning how to “let go” of ineffective habits.
Onward and upward!”

~ Noreen A.


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