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Barbara Schiedegger Modeling Downtown Tampa

Embarking on a personal journey toward higher achievement needs a strong foundation to build on. Barbara Scheidegger’s strategies and tools are the building blocks YOU need to take your life to the next level.

I would LOVE Barbara to speak at my event. How do I book her services?

If you would like to book Barbara to speak to your organization, please click HERE contact Barbara for more information.

How much will Barbara’s services be?

Barbara’s service prices are based on many variables including (but not limited to) travel, accommodations, and the size of your organization. Please click HERE to contact Barbara for more information.

Will Barbara be there in person?

Yes! Barbara is committed to being present for you.

Is it OK to bring children?

Barbara’s guidance for children is on a select case basis and is available for speaking to all age groups.

Barbara’s course frequents adult-themes on the path to Ageless Living and it is recommended for attendees to be 16 Years or older.


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