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Overcoming Fear

Overcoming initial fear and pushing forward comes in all shapes, sizes, and altitudes. Pushing myself to realize my fears and take action to overcome my fears is evident as I went skydiving for the very first time. I am obviously nervous (to say it nicely) as the plane leveled out at our final altitude (13,500 feet) and… even more so as I felt that cold air and we took that first (giant) leap out of the plane (and who wound’t be a little nervous right)? What’s fascinating how quickly I went from fear to acceptance, to joy, to exhilaration. My first words after landing say it all, “I WANT TO GO AGAIN!”. Take the Ageless Living Lifestyle Challenge with me!

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Scheidegger Approach™ 21 Day Program

Change of habits
Mental clarity and new thought patterns
Becoming the person you ACTUALLY want to be
Gaining back your health – internally and externally
The motivation to achieve what you may have thought to be unachievable

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Statistics shows that it takes 21 Days to Change a Habit Pattern.

Clients learn to deal with new challenges in the most positive way.

  • Daily Repetition reinforces the conscious mind to this positively.
  • Critical Mind through hypnosis therapy is bypassed to access the unconscious mind and becomes the newly transformed positive mindset.
  • Automatic Response.
  • The unconscious mind automatically responds positively once the positive changes has been made during the 21 days.
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Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, Life and Business Coach, Ageless Expert

Certified Hypnotherapist, Created the unique Swiss Hypnotherapy, NLP, Reiki, Meditation,  Life and Prosperity Coaching, Ageless Living Expert, and Model

Access the unconscious mind and TAP into the strength of your…YES!

Barbara is well-versed in helping those of any age, gender and lifestyle to make positive changes in their lives.

“I can help you to re-program yourself – to attain the goals which I will work with you to define.”

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Discover the ways that Yes Minded Power and the Scheidegger Approach can change your life.

Some of the recent perspectives directly from Barbara Scheidegger.

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